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Reprogramming, Gene Editing and Differentiating iPSCs: This rigorous five day program is ideal for basic research and translational biology scientists who are looking for a balanced theoretical vs. hands-on introduction to reprogramming using non-integrating systems, culturing and differentiating human iPSCs and using different CRISPR-based tools for gene editing in iPSCs.  - SOLD OUT - WAITLIST

August 22-26, 2016 • Germantown, MD • Register Today

 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS): Due to popular subject demand, Bio-Trac® is offering another 3 Day NGS workshop. EARLY BIRD registration underway: Register by August 25th and you are eligible to receive 2 free hours of NGS research project consultation, a $700.00 value.

Sept. 21-23 2016 • Germantown, MD • Registration Form

July 21-23 2016 • Bethesda, MD - SOLD OUT

Real-Time, Digital and Quantitative PCR: This comprehensive lecture / laboratory course is ideal for those bench and research scientists who have a fundamental background in PCR and are looking to gain a thorough understanding of and hands-on exposure to the Real Time, Quantitative and Digital PCR processes.

October 3-7, 2016 • Germantown, MD • Registration Form

 Flow CytometryAn in-depth, hands-on introduction to Flow Cytometry. Instructors will discuss examples from various research applications, provide technical protocols for flow cytometric sample preparation, as well as data analysis, trouble shooting and experimental design.  Attendees will have hands-on experience on flow platforms and exposure to software analysis programs.

October 11-14 2016 • Germantown, MD • Registration Form

 RNA-Seq: Principles, Methods & Computational Analysis: This five day workshop is ideal for bench and research scientists who are looking for a solid foundation in RNA-Seq, from application, experimental design and sample preparation to post sequencing data processing analysis using latest bioinformatics approaches.

October 17-21 2016 • Germantown, MD • Registration Form

 Gene Editing with CRISPRThis program will focus on CRISPR principles, strategies for successful project design, available expertise and resources, as well as a wealth of CRISPR technology diverse applications. 

October 22-28, 2016 • Germantown, MD -Registration Form

July 20-22, 2016  - SOLD OUT 

Customized biotechnology training workshops for academic, commercial and government institutions.

Cellular Biology Training

Use of fundamental and advanced microscopic and analytical techniques as well as animal and human cell and tissue culture technology to understand the structure, function, and physiology of stem cells and their differentiated derivatives

Immunology Training

Focuses on innovative research and applications regarding the immune system. Featured topics include: flow cytometry, immunocytochemistry, vaccines, monoclonal antibody formation, assay, and characterization.

Molecular Biology Training

The application of recombinant DNA technology/molecular biology to increase our understanding of gene organization as well as expression and regulation at the DNA, RNA and protein levels

Biotechnology Technique Training

Training workshops with focus on techniques used routinely in academic, private industry and government research laboratories

Bio-Trac clients represent every major sector of the biotechnology industry and include attendees from across the globe.

Our 30 year wealth of relationship capital and program management expertise enable us to develop, implement and deliver training on up-to-the-minute relevant innovations in biotechnology.

International Client Base

  • 16000
    Scientists Trained
  • 300
    Bench Scientist Instructors

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Bio-Trac® workshops train up to twenty-four participants at a time.

Customized biotechnology training workshops typically ranging 2-5 days in length.

On your schedule:  We will work with you to deliver the program at a time and place that is convenient for you.  The timeline to develop and implement a workshop typically takes 60-120 days depending on the complexity and logistics involved.

All workshops are conducted either at the organization’s facility or at a nearby location appropriate for lab training.

Value Added Services

  • Cost/Time savings

Your organization will not incur substantial travel expenses and attendees will save valuable time away from their lab.

  • Full Color Documentation included

Each attendee receives a comprehensive binder containing the program's PowerPoint presentations (printed in color) as well as laboratory protocols and appropriate reference material.

  • Future Expert Guidance available

If you have questions regarding the subject material presented during lectures or lab sessions, in most cases instructors are available for further assistance, even if it is three or six months later.

Training programs average between $12,000 – $25,000
Cost factors include: length of time, number of participants, instructor depth, and laboratory content

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