Bio-Trac Workshop Calendar

Live Remote & Onsite Training Workshops

Course days run consecutively beginning on start date listed. Onsite Training Workshops are scheduled to resume in September 2021.

LIVE REMOTE Workshop TitleStartSpanCost
*NEW* Python for Research Scientists2/09/213 Day$895
Flow Cytometry: Principles, Methods and Applications2/23/214 Day$995
Gene Editing with CRISPR3/03/213 Day$895
Generating The Neural Lineage From iPSCs3/10/213 Day$895
Single Cell RNA-Seq3/22/214 Day$1,095
Exosomes: Principles, Methods and Applications4/13/214 Day$995
Antibody Validation and Characterization5/17/212 Day$695
R for Research Scientists5/25/212 Day$695
Gene Editing with CRISPR6/09/213 Day$895
3D Cell Culturing7/13/213 Day$895
RNA-Seq: Principles and Computational Analysis7/26/215 Day$1,095
Gene Editing iPSCs with CRISPR/Cas98/11/213 Day$895
Flow Cytometry: Principles, Methods and Applications8/23/214 Day$995
ONSITE Workshop TitleStartSpanCost
Multiplex Immunofluorescence in Immune Oncology, Symposium & Workshop09/14/214 day$995
Multiplex Immunofluorescence in Immune Oncology, Symposium Only09/14/212 day$695
Advanced Gene Editing with CRISPR09/29/213 day$895
R for Research Scientists10/18/212 day$695
Exosomes: Principles, Methods and Applications10/26/214 day$995
Gene Editing with CRISPR11/03/213 day$895
Single Cell RNA-Seq11/15/214 day$1,095
Flow Cytometry: Principles, Methods and Applications 11/30/214 day$995
Advanced Gene Editing with CRISPR12/08/213 day$895

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Workshop Location – In person workshops will resume sometime in 2021

All workshops are conducted at the Bioscience Education Center (BEC), located on the Montgomery College campus in Germantown, MD. The BEC is a 1 ½ year old “state of the art” facility containing 25 training labs, equipped with the latest laboratory technology as well as utilizing modern classroom teaching tools.