Bio-Trac Workshop Calendar

Onsite Training Workshops

Course days run consecutively beginning on start date listed. Onsite Training Workshops are scheduled to resume in September 2021.

ONSITE Workshop TitleStartSpanCost
“NEW” Antibody Validation and Characterization12/06/212 day$695
Advanced Gene Editing with CRISPR12/08/213 day$895
Generating The Neural Lineage From iPSCs12/14/214 day$995
“NEW” 3D Cell Culturing01/26/223 day$895
RNA-Seq: Principles, Methods & Computational Analysis 02/07/225 day$1,095
R for Research Scientists02/23/222 day$695
Flow Cytometry: Principles, Methods and Applications 03/01/224 day$995
Gene Editing with CRISPR03/09/223 day$895
Exosomes: Principles, Methods and Applications03/22/224 day$995
Single Cell RNA-Seq03/28/224 day$1,095
Python for Research Scientists04/11/223 day$895
Antibody Validation and Characterization05/16/222 day$695
Histochemical Society Workshop & Symposium06/07/225 day
Gene Editing with CRISPR06/22/223 day
Hepatocytes Derived from Human iPSCs07/27/223 day$995
Gene Editing IPSCs with CRISPR/Cas908/10/223 day$895
Flow Cytometry: Principles, Methods and Applications 08/22/224 day$995
Multiplex Immunofluorescence in Immune Oncology, Workshop & Symposium09/12/224 day$995
Multiplex Immunofluorescence in Immune Oncology, Symposium Only09/14/222 day$350
R for Research Scientists10/18/222 day$695
Exosomes: Principles, Methods and Applications10/25/224 day$995
Gene Editing with CRISPR11/02/223 day$895
Single Cell RNA-Seq11/14/224 day$1,095
Flow Cytometry: Principles, Methods and Applications 11/29/224 day$995
Advanced Gene Editing with CRISPR12/07/223 day$895
Antibody Validation12/12/222 day$695
Animal & Human Tissue CultureTBA4 day$995

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Workshop Location – In person workshops will resume sometime in 2021

All workshops are conducted at the Bioscience Education Center (BEC), located on the Montgomery College campus in Germantown, MD. The BEC is a 1 ½ year old “state of the art” facility containing 25 training labs, equipped with the latest laboratory technology as well as utilizing modern classroom teaching tools.