October 28, 2024


Germantown, MD

The Bioscience Education Center


1 Hour Lunch Break

This one-day workshop is designed for research scientists who are new spatial users. This lecture and hands-on in silico laboratory workshop will provide foundational information to succeed when starting experiments; from sample preparation to data analysis, as well as provide familiarity with available assays, analysis tools, and how to work with your Single Cell or Bioinformatics core to get the desired results.

Lecture and Hands-on Interactive Training
Team taught by active researchers
thumbnail drive
Thumbnail drive with Lectures and Workshop material
Space limited to 24 participants
Registration Fee: $349

Course Director


Dr. Mike Kelly

  • Core Perspective: Getting Started with Spatial Experiments
  •  Spatial Overview:Lecture - Introduction to Visium Spatial Transcriptomics
  • Demos - Visium CytAssist Dry Demo, Loupe Browser
  • Introduction to Xenium In-Situ Analyzer and Xenium Explorer Analysis Tool
  • Bioinformatics Lab - Crash Course on Spatial Analysis with 3rd party tools/Understanding what you want out of your data
  • Dr. Mike Kelly, NCI SCAF
  • Dr. Abdalla Abdelmaksoud, NCI CCR Bioinformatics
  • Jeff Bylund 10x Spatial STA
  • Brad Toms, 10x STA

The Bioscience Education Center

Montgomery College
20200 Observation Drive
Germantown, MD 20876