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Hands-on Training Workshops for Researchers and Bench Scientists

Dear Colleague,

Bio-Trac® Training Programs are designed by active researchers for bench and research scientists, these three to five day training programs focus on the latest relevant techniques that are necessary for laboratory research. Open to the scientific community, all programs are team taught by experts, active researchers from prestigious institutions such as the NIH, FDA, USDA, Georgetown University, and Johns Hopkins as well as experts from private industry. Bio-Trac is currently accepting registrations for our 2024 hands-on training workshops

I welcome your questions and comments on our ever evolving scope of Bio-Trac® program offerings. Give me a call at 301-802-7708 (m) or drop me an email. I look forward to connecting!

All the best,
Mark Nardone
Director, CoFounder

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Our Course Director Spotlights and News articles provide further insight into Bio-Trac's program topics, presenters and history.

In a nutshell

Established in 1985 by R/M Nardone Associates, Inc., Bio-Trac® offers a series of hands-on training programs that focus on targeted areas of molecular biology. Team taught by active researchers (over 300 scientists from reputable institutions), Bio-Trac® has developed curricula for over 70 different training programs and has provided hands-on training to 18,500+ scientists. Originally offered at the NIH (1985-2014). Workshops are now conducted at the Bioscience Education Center (BEC), located on the Montgomery College campus in Germantown, MD. The BEC is a 8 year old “state of the art” facility containing 25 training labs, equipped with the latest laboratory technology as well as utilizing modern classroom teaching tools. Special hotel rates are available (Hilton - $105 per night) for Bio-Trac® attendees, conveniently located within walking distance of the training facility. Bio-Trac® also provides custom designed training programs for government, private and academic institutions nationally and internationally.