Bio-Trac partners with Montgomery College

Bioscience Education Center

Bio-Trac® in partnership with Montgomery College is proud to offer graduate/post graduate level hands-on laboratory training workshops for research scientists at the Bioscience Education Center’s state-of-the-art facility in Germantown, Maryland.

Excellence in Biotechnology Training

Team taught by active research scientists and innovators from leading research institutes (NIH, JHU, Georgetown LCRC, EVMS, USDA, and the FDA) and private industry, Bio-Trac® courses deliver instruction on current research methodologies.

Sample offerings: RNA-Seq and Computational Analysis, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Flow Cytometry (FACS), Gene Editing with CRISPR, NGS and Metagenomics, Proteomics; Stem Cell (iPSC from Neural, Cardiomyocytes), Cell Line Authentication, Vaccine Development, Real-Time, Quantitative and Digital PCR

Initial Offering - Flow Cytometry: Principles, Methods and Applications  (FACS)

June 28-July 1, 2016 — Registration underway

This four day program is ideal for those who are looking for an in-depth, hands-on introduction to Flow Cytometry.  The instructors will focus on a broad spectrum of flow cytometric topics, discuss examples from various research applications, provide technical protocols for flow cytometric sample preparation, as well as data analysis, trouble shooting and experimental design.  Attendees will have hands-on experience on three different flow platforms (Becton Dickinson, Miltenyi and Bio-Rad) as well as exposure to three software analysis programs.

Serving the BioHealth Capital Region™ for 30 years

Bio-Trac® is excited to partner with Montgomery College and together build on our rich history of delivering quality biotechnology training to the MD/VA/DC scientific community. Originally conducted at the NIH (1985-2014), Bio-Trac® has provided hands-on training to over 16,000 research scientists from our expansive catalog of 70+ unique workshops.

Bio-Trac Excellence in Biotechnology Training
Custom designed training programs for government, private and academic institutions