Maryland Training Funds Program Returns

Maryland Business Works

MD Business Works Program Cuts Training Costs in Half

Effective July 1, 2017
The Maryland Department of Labor, in consultation with the Maryland Department of Commerce, is excited to announce the return of Maryland Business Works, a highly successful incumbent worker training program.

With a substantial initial investment of $500,000 in business engagement funds, the Maryland Department of Labor is eager to partner with Maryland’s businesses to support employer strategies for retention, growth expansion, and layoff aversion.

Training funds are provided to businesses serious about increasing employee productivity, upgrading the skills of current employees, and creating opportunities for expanding your existing workforce.

The Maryland Business Works Program
▪ Invests in Maryland Private Sector Businesses — Private sector businesses with 250 employees or fewer that provide in-demand products or services are eligible to apply.

▪ Provides True Partnership with Businesses — There is a dollar-to-dollar match requirement, and a $4,500 training cap funding level that may be awarded to a specific trainee for a project or series of projects.  The maximum request per year cannot exceed $40,000 (per company).

▪ Meets your Business’s Training Needs — ­The Program funds classroom-based training, in-house staff training, apprenticeships, and other opportunities for Maryland’s businesses as they create and foster their talent pipeline.

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Please email Mark Nardone for insight on this how this MD Training Funds Program may supplement Bio-Trac® hands-on biotechnology training workshop(s) for your small Maryland biotech firm.

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