March 6-9, 2018

Tuesday - Friday

Germantown, MD

The Bioscience Education Center


1 Hour Lunch Break


This four-day workshop is ideal for researchers interested in developing hepatocytes from iPSCs. Team taught by active researchers, participants will have the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in iPSC methods with emphasis on deriving iPSC and differentiating to hepatocytes. Functional assays will be discussed in lectures for assessing hepatocyte differentiation, drug metabolism, and toxicity testing.

Class size smaller then usual.  Don't miss out, register today!

Lecture and Hands-on Interactive Training
Team taught by active researchers
Comprehensive binder containing workshop material
Space limited to 20 participants
Registration Fee: $995

Course Director

Course Director Photo

Joseph Bressler, Ph.D.
Research Scientist, Kennedy Krieger Institute

Hepatocyte cultures are used in pharmacology and regulatory toxicology to provide information on drug metabolism and toxicity.  Models using rat hepatocytes have provided inaccurate information because of species differences.   Human hepatocyte cultures from human liver are currently being used but have disadvantages.  For example, cultures form human liver cannot be regenerated, they have limited life span in culture, and there is potential genetic heterogeneity because batches of human hepatocytes come from different donors. Hepatocyte cultures derived from IPSc (HC-iPSc)) express many of the properties displayed in human liver.  HC-iPSc are renewable and could be generated from different genetic backgrounds.  Consequently, HC-iPSc have great utility in pharmacology and regulator toxicology.

  • Introduction to iPSc
  • Methods for inducing pluripotency
  • Biology of hepatocytes
  • P450 review
  • Current models for differentiating adult human hepatocytes
  • Models to study hepatocyte injury in vivo and in vitro
  • Hepatocytes In drug development
  • Hepatocyte Cultures For Studies on infectious diseases
  • iPSc cultures (derivation and maintenance)
  • Hepatocyte differentiation protocol (media, matrix, atmosphere)
  • Cryopreservation
  • Validation methods
  • Conduct a Cyp assay
  • Cytoxicity assays

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