Nov 10-12, 2021

Wed - Fri

Germantown, MD

The Bioscience Education Center


1 Hour Lunch Break

Python is a popular scripting language that is used by data professionals because of its many-popular statistical libraries. The live remote three-day lecture and hands-on computer-based laboratory workshop is designed to introduce bench scientists to the powerful tasks that can be taken up with Python by learning everything from language syntax to data manipulation to visualization: all in the context of relevant biological problems! Hands-on topics will include data manipulation, building useful functions to extract data, import/export/writing of data to files, and beginning algorithmic approaches to bioinformatic problems.

Lecture and Hands-on Interactive Training
Team taught by active researchers
thumbnail drive
Thumbnail drive with Lectures and Workshop material
Space limited to 24 participants
Registration Fee: $895


Kevin McPherson
Foresight Mental Health

Data Scientist
Research Assistant (Biophysics) 2016-2019
  • Basic Python syntax and data structures
  • Jupyter notebooks
  • Loops, aggregations, and arrays
  • Data science and statistical libraries like NumPy, SciPy, and Pandas
  • Understanding Pythonic functions through biologically relevant tasks (i.e, searching a genome for the origin of replication)

The Bioscience Education Center

Montgomery College
20200 Observation Drive
Germantown, MD 20876