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1 Hour Lunch Break

This two day hands-on workshop focuses on the microbiome, its role in human health and disease as well as its important role in research. Using metagenomics and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, approaches in advancing the study of the microbiome will be discussed. For example: what happens when the microbiome is disrupted; what makes individuals susceptible to colonization and subsequent infection? What are the  unique issues related to healthcare settings? This program will address these questions and more using metagenomic approaches, traditional methods and NGS. Note: An introduction to NGS and command-line is given on the first day of this offering.

Lecture and Hands-on Interactive Training
Team taught by active researchers
Comprehensive binder containing workshop material
Space limited to 24 participants
Registration Fee: $695

Course Director

Course Director photo

Sijung Yun, PhD,
C.E.O. of Yotta Biomed, LLC

This workshop gives with a strong foundation of introductory information before moving on to the hands-on analysis portion of the program during the lecture hours.

Students are assigned personal cloud computing accounts to process real big data as an overnight assignment during the program.

Laptops are supplied for the daytime instruction hours but you are welcome to bring your own. Students will need access to their own laptop for the evening assignments. Mac, PC, or Linux will work, Mac is preferred.

  • Command-line with Shell Scripting; DNA-seq Analysis in Command-line
  • RNA-seq Analysis in Command-line
  • De novo Assembly in Command-line
  • Introduction to the Microbiome
  • Study Design, and Controls
  • 16S analysis
  • Whole Genome Shotgun Metagenomics
  • Statistical Considerations
  • Advanced Approaches and Future Prospects
  • de novo Assembly
  • Gene Prediction and Clustering

Dr. Yun obtained his Ph.D. in computational biology from Boston University, with his research focusing on the aggregation of amyloid beta protein in Alzheimer's disease.  Sijung took a postdoc position at the NIH, with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) studying structural bioinformatics and proteomics. Later, he worked at the genomics core in National Institute of Diabetes Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). Currently, he is an independent contract bioinformatician primarily working for National Institutes of Health (NIH), C.E.O. of Yotta Biomed, LLC and is a lead instructor in numerous bioinformatics next generation sequencing (NGS) training activities. Dr. Yun had directed our Bio-Trac NGS related workshops since 2009 and has provide NGS instruction to over 700 Bio-Trac participants. 


Dr. Julia Oh is an Assistant Professor at the Jackson Laboratory for Genome Medicine. Her current research focuses on technologies to explore and engineer the human microbiome, the communities of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that inhabit all areas of the human body and play an integral role in human health. She has significant training in genomics, genetics, and technology development, completing postdoctoral training at the National Human Genome Research Institute, her Ph.D. in genetics at Stanford University under renowned geneticist and technologist Ronald Davis, and her B.A. from Harvard University at the FAS Center for Systems Biology.

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